KID : Architecture and Strategy Definition

"Project costs and investments are being scrutinized so now, more than ever, enterprises need a business intelligence (BI) framework to align their BI initiatives to achieve an optimal result. The BI framework also enables enterprises to find - and reach - maximum return on investment (ROI) by looking for it in the right place." Gartner Research, July 2009

The successful implementation of a BI solution within an organisation requires a defined BI vision, supporting framework and strategy. Experienced KID consultants can assist organisations with the development of these visions, frameworks and strategies based on proven BI principles.

Strategy development
KID can facilitate this process starting with a BI readiness assessment determining the organisational BI maturity. The deliverables of this process will be a BI framework with an actionable strategy.

Capability development
KID's generic data warehouse architecture and design training has proven to be a critical component for the successful delivery of BI solutions. In addition to this generic training, product-specific courses are also presented.
KID is known in the market as a company that can mentor organisations in building BI solutions. This is achieved by participating in the initial phases of the BI solution delivery transferring knowledge to equip the organisation's BI developers to continue on their own with the subsequent phases.

Product evaluation and selection
Once the BI framework and strategy has been defined, KID can facilitate the product evaluation and selection process. This would be performed based on the defined framework taking into account the overall technology strategy of the organisation, the resourcing strategy and the financial constraints.