KID : Data Science

Data Science – evolutionary leaps beyond number crunching

Data Science is what differentiates today’s global business disruptors from the traditional businesses that are fast losing ground in the battle for market share.

Moving far beyond statistical analysis and ‘number crunching’, Data Science is the art of finding business solutions in vast pools of data, and applying these solutions to reinvent, innovate and disrupt.

What can Data Science do, and how?

Data Science applies maths and stats, domain expertise, information technology and business experience to solve business challenges and uncover business opportunities. Across every industry vertical, innovators and pioneers are applying Data Science in new and often unexpected ways to drive cost savings, operational efficiencies and market growth. From interrogating social media data to determine the credit risk of new clients, through to slashing time to manufacture and market, Data Science is underpinning innovation in disruptive enterprises globally.

Data Science delivers on the promise latent in growing volumes of data; providing a great deal more than trends analysis – it can identify bottlenecks, wasted resources and low-performing products; accurately predict future patterns and answer the ‘what if’ questions. Data Science transforms data, extracts true business value from it and derives it into a meaningful data product.

Data Science can be applied to:
  • • Product costs and margins analysis – Combine analytics with Enterprise Resource planning
  • • Customer insights
    • • Segment customers based on their spending patterns and preferences for targeted marketing
    • • Predict customer attrition to determine high risk customers
  • • Consumer product “demand sensing” – Used to achieve inventory reduction
  • • Market analytics – Consider the effect of changing market conditions on your revenue numbers

KID – the Data Science experts

A true Data Scientist is a rare breed, possessing a high level of computer science, mathematical and analytics skills; as well as years of business experience, creativity and innovation, and the ability to effect change in a business in line with what the data reveals. Not surprisingly, Data Scientists are in low supply and high demand both locally and internationally – presenting a challenge for businesses seeking to maximise the value of their data assets today.

The solution lies in partnering with external Data Science experts and consultants who have the necessary combination of technical and analytics skills, in-depth industry expertise and the business skills to apply data to drive business change.

The KID group of companies’ multi-skilled Data Science experts harness Prescriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Descriptive statistics, Pattern recognition, Data Visualization, Data Preparation and in-depth industry-specific knowledge to:
  • • Ensure clean and trusted data with quality ETL and Data Quality
  • • Present data in an insightful manner
  • • Find descriptive measures and business metrics to describe data
  • • Predict future outcomes
  • • Prescribe the necessary actions

With a 300+ strong team of consultants, BI, analytics, business and data experts across the group, KID has mastered the art of Data Science to drive true business value.