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KID does educational assessments of Business Intelligence users or Data Warehouse development & deployment staff.

Knowledge is power, especially in the IT world. A well-trained, knowledgeable staff is key to your organization's long-term growth and success. Knowledge Integration Dynamics will work with you to ensure that your people have the skills and education to keep your projects on track.

Customised training programs.

We will conduct a skills and knowledge assessment of your team, business users and management to compare them with your objectives, scope and deliverables of your project. We will perform a gap analysis and recommend a complete training program. This program may include vendor training, and may also include books, articles, and white papers for continued self education.
We will customize specific courses specifically for your company and your project's needs. For example, the Business Overview of Data Warehousing is tailored specifically to your company's business objectives and pains. In addition, the data modelling courses can be tailored to model that are more specific to your industry or your project's subject areas.

Customised training of business users for the rollout of your project.

We will examine you project's deliverables, data models, analytic tools to be used, and business user skills to determine what training will improve your chances of success. The training may include vendor tool training but generally is heavily weighted toward training concepts, processes and data to business users. We highly recommend that we train-the-trainers by teaching people within your organization to deliver the training during the initial rollout and subsequent expansion of use.

For more information on these courses and course outlines, please do not hesitate to contact the KID training division on (011) 462 1277 or email